What is sound therapy or sound healing?

Theories about the creation of the universe, in history records, manuscripts, stories... religions, First Nation tribes,... from all over the world, all of them, tell us about how "sound was the key" during the creation. Now, we know that we are constantly in an infinite cycle of creation. There is a direct correlation between sound and creation, sound and life. Therefore our ability to understand sound and interact with sound is directly related to our ability to relate to life.

As we know, sound creates geometrical forms. The more harmonious are the sound interactions, the more harmonious are the geometric patterns. and the more information you put into the sound, the more complex will be the geometric patterns. Thanks to the discoverer of the Cymatics theory, we can easily see how sound and form interact.  Check out this video of Cymatics:

Science is now starting to say that every single atom has consciousness, and ancient knowledge has long told us, that "if it has form, has consciousness". Why am I telling you this? Well, my understanding is that if it has certain consciousness, it will take certain form. If you change the consciousness, what will happen? It will change the form! Therefore, it changes the reality! This is the basis of the healing process.

You know that we can sing, chant, speak, voice, and play an instrument with intention. Even our thoughts manifest as sound and form.

Sound can pass through everything! Air, liquids, ground,... it affects all atomic structures. The human ear can perceive sound as long as it is between 20Hz and 20.000Hz, but this doesn't mean that other frequencies do not interact with us.

Is crucial to be more and more aware of the sounds that surround us. Specially during the last few years, we've been experiencing drastic changes in all levels of existence. Cosmic, solar, planetary changes... and we are living in a way that we've never before experienced. At least we do not remember. Space and time are not the same any more, and the challenges of the adaptation to the electromagnetic changes are so palpable. But on the other hand, our consciousness and capability to adapt also is increasing.

We are rediscovering the effectiveness of sound when we heal ourselves. With conscious intent, you can direct the energy on a certain location in the body or certain location in the world, and with pure intention, being present and available, you can bring the forces of the Universe to assist you. As a result we are discovering and remembering amazing ways to use sound for therapeutic approaches.

This is the reason of why Sound is so important: because it works.

Some benefits that you can enjoy through Sound:

- Sound can bring you rapidly into a relaxation state, releasing stress and emotions that can block your state of coherence.

- It is very effective in psychotherapeutic approaches, using guided imagery with sound and intention.

- Sound helps to create serotonin in your brain, giving you a sense of well being and makes you feel more optimistic. It is a natural positive thinking boost.

- It is a great meditation tool. Sound is so powerful that it pulls you to feel your being and pulls you into the present moment giving you an experience of pure awareness and a different perspective of the reality that you may not understand in a regular state.

- Through sound, you can space-time travel or access higher dimensional realms to bring information that serves you in the benefit of all.

- Sound is a great way to help accelerate the healing process.


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